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Only $129.00 for first 150 sq. ft.



 Concrete Pavers lose their color over time. Masonry Cosmetics Restore Paver Color System is the solution​.


Made in the USA

​​​​​Don't Replace Your Faded Pavers-Restore Them!

 *Environmentally Friendly

  *Landscaping Remains Intact

  *Drive or walk on pavers in hours

  *Looks Natural

​  *Acid and VOC free

​  *Does not create a slippery surface

  *No hauling sand or gravel

  *No Cutting



Flower Box

Click the links below to find: Questions about staining dry porous masonry: How to stain brick? How to stain mortar? How to stain stone or manufactured stone? How to stain block? What's the best dye brick? Can I do it myself? Can stain be used to darken or lighten masonry? When can stain be applied to brick? 

"Colors shown may not match the results on your pavers because of differences in background colors and errors in creating and transmitting the images"


April 27th-29th

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