CCP #2 After .jpeg

This homeowner in Florida wished to restore the look of the pavers around his pool. He chose the color he wanted to use, suede, and using our technique of scattering (staining a paver then moving two or three bricks over and staining the next to ensure even color distribution) the job was completed to the satisfaction of everyone involved. 

This Florida homeowner wanted to rejuvenate the look of their faded concrete pavers:  an easy change with the Restore Paver Color System! He chose to do a custom blend of colors that he himself picked out, using scarlet, midnight, and suede. You don't have to pick just one color for your project! And the results are fantastic.

After #1

This homeowner in Illinois wanted to give new life to their large patio areas around their house, which they achieved after using the Restore Paver Color System, using mocha, sequoia and tan. This particular job highlights the importance of thorough cleaning of the pavers before staining.

This homeowner had 23 year old front patio pavers whose original color had faded, and they wished to restore it to its original appearance. Using our Restore Paver Color System, this was a snap! They used smoke and birch for the job. Birch is a very light and subtle color, but when used tastefully the result can look incredible, as seen where when used on the middle diamond pavers, the surrounding darker pavers colored with smoke.